Artist's house Casa Pantrovà

The Casa Pantrovà is an ideal place for musicians, writers or theater troups wanting to work in a quiet place, alone or in a small group, or to organize small workshops.

House's history

The Casa Pantrovà was build by the German writer‘s Lisa Tetzner and Kurt Kläber (later to be called Held). In 1933 the two authors of books for children fled  to the south of Switzerland because of their opposition against the Nazi régime. They lived in simplest conditions in Carona until they owned in 1936 a piece of land, thanks to an inheritance. The rights of the film based on the first children book by Kurt Held “die rote Zora” allowed them to build a house in 1954. Out of gratitude, that they could realize this project from the fruits of their literary work out, they called the House Casa Pantrovà “the home of the found bread”. Mainly upon Lisa Tetzner and Kurt Kläber’s death, this house was to become a gathering point and to mean “homeland” and “bread” to other artists.

The Swiss Foundation for Culture “Pro Helvetia” worked towards this end during 40 years. Numerous authors and musicians worked and lived in the house during these years.

On January 2005, the Commune of Carona bought the house and put it at the disposal of the Association Casa Pantrovà. The aim of the association is to maintain the memory of the founding owners of Casa Pantrovà – in accordance with their last wish – by placing the house at the disposal of cultural creators, artists and cultural institutions for working sojourns.

Live of Lisa Tetzner and Kurt Kläber

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